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Safe winter driving in Iowa

Iowa roads are hazardous during the winter and winter driving conditions affect the safety of local streets. Kids riding school buses, parents running errands and workers of all kinds travel Iowa’s streets during the winter. You can do your part to make the roads safer for everyone.

Here are some tips for reducing winter-related motor vehicle accidents.

Good winter tires

Winter roads are often slick with ice and snow. As a result, it takes longer than usual to safely stop your vehicle. Winter tires, sometimes called snow tires, are made for driving on ice and snow. These tires provide more traction than traditional tires. You still need more time to brake safely, but a good set of these tires will make your journey safer.

Winter windshield wipers and winter windshield fluid

Driving in snow or sleet reduces your visibility on the road. And reduced visibility is a major cause of winter motor vehicle accidents. Driving slower, braking earlier and leaving more space between vehicles helps. However, winter windshield wipers and winter windshield fluid provide even more protection.

Windshield wipers made for winter weather have a protective layer of rubber. The protective rubber keeps the wipers working even in snow and ice. And winter windshield fluid contains a high concentration of methyl alcohol. The fluid resists freezing and works well during cold weather.

A reliable battery

Some cars struggle during the winter. You might find that your car has a harder time starting when it’s cold. Having a good battery is important for keeping your car moving.

A dead battery could leave you stranded in the middle of a snowy and icy road. Winter motor vehicle accidents often happen because of stranded vehicles. Get your battery checked during the winter. You might even benefit from getting a new one. Another option is to consider a home charger that you can use whenever you think your battery needs it.