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Four of the most common injuries sustained after a truck accident

While driving in Iowa, it’s normal to see large commercial vehicles transporting goods throughout this state. Unfortunately, drivers collide with these large trucks causing injuries to both parties. Here are some of the most common injuries you can sustain after an accident with a semi-truck.

Cuts and scrapes

Motor vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks typically shatter windows. When this happens, it can cause sharp glass particles to fly throughout an automobile. It’s also possible for drivers and passengers to collide their bodies with jagged shards of glass from a busted windshield. When these situations happen, it’s common for those affected to suffer from cuts and scrapes of varying severity.

Soft tissue damage

The human body contains lots of soft tissue, which includes muscles, ligaments and tendons. Considering the jarring impact of truck accidents, this situation can cause post-collision injuries involving your soft tissue. These injuries can include inflammation, contusions, severe pain and swelling.


Another common injury that happens after accidents is whiplash. This condition typically occurs when someone’s head violently whips forward. Whiplash happens after a driver is hit from the rear but can also occur in other collisions. Fortunately, in most cases, whiplash goes away in a few months.

A dislocated or broken hip

It’s also possible for your hips to sustain damage after a truck accident. That’s because the impact of a semi-truck often causes those in smaller vehicles to slam their hips against the car door, console or seatbelt. As a result, it’s common for people involved in a truck accident to dislocate or break their hips.

Truck accidents can be incredibly damaging for all parties involved. If you’re in this type of accident, contact emergency services as soon as possible, then consider contacting your insurance or filing suit against the trucker or the trucking company if the accident was not your fault.