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Hand safety in the workplace

Many occupations in Iowa require people to work with dangerous machines that may pose a risk to their hands. As an employee, you understand the risk that comes with these particular jobs but also understand that employers need to take the necessary steps to ensure that you have a safe work environment. Unfortunately, many employers do not take the necessary safety precautions, and thus accidents occur. The following are a few red flags to look for within your business.

Too many hazardous obstacles

One of the signs that your employer is not taking the necessary steps to protect your safety is when there are simply too many hazardous obstacles. Too many supplies stored within walking areas or not enough safety guard rails around dangerous machines are just a few hazardous obstacles that may result in an injury.

Lack of training

One of the most common reasons why employees tend to file for workers’ compensation benefits is because of accidents that are attributable to a lack of training. Employers must provide training to their employees at least once every six months. If your hand is injured and no training has been presented to you, then this is something that must be documented.

No accountability

When employers attempt to fight a workers’ compensation claim, they will cite that they did offer training. However, training isn’t the only thing that matters. The fact is that employers need to keep employees accountable for their actions. The responsibility of providing safety in the workplace falls on the business owner. Therefore, if you’ve been the victim of a dangerous work environment and have gotten injured, it is recommended to seek legal counsel in order to have a better chance of obtaining your benefits.